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MEXICO - Santa Cruz - Oaxaca

MEXICO - Santa Cruz - Oaxaca

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Dark chocolate sauce, nutmeg & buttery 
Low acid & bodied

ROAST LEVEL: Light/Medium
BREW TYPE: Filter, press & espresso
ORIGIN:  Mexico, Santa Cruz Ozolotepec, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca
PROCESS:  Washed
VARIETY:  Typica Pluma
ALTITUDE:  1450-1650 Masl
IMPORTER: Royal Coffee
When coffee is cultivated from small family owned farms, exporters play a critical role in ensuring quality and fairness. The collaborative sourcing team of 'Terra Coffeas Mexico' and an export company called 'Galguera Gomez' hit the mark on delivering high quality community lots with traceability and transparent pricing for farmers. Galguera Gomez has been exporting coffee since 1985 and specializes in Oaxacan lots whilst paying producers higher incomes for their cofffees.  Terra Coffeas Mexico provides post-harvest strategies and cupping expertise that has brought many talented producers into the specialty coffee fold. This model is the perfect hybrid of supportive farm management and post harvest process with access to exporting.  


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