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Raffle for World Central Kitchen

Raffle for World Central Kitchen

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Been wanting to up your coffee making game!? Now's your chance...
1 donation = 1 entry to win = More entry = More chance to win

Raffle end THURSDAY JUNE 20 @ 9AM

The winner gets to choose between 1 of 2 brewing bundle option (MSP $200-$300 depending on chosen option) 

AEROPRESS BUNDLE: Classic AeroPress, Timemore scale, 2x coffee bags of choice, 2x Lobefromlivx earrings of choice 


POUR OVER BUNDLE: V60 01, 01 paper filters pack, Hario gooseneck kettle, Timemore scale, 2x coffee bags of choice, 2x Lobefromlivx earrings of choice

* A winner residing in Revelstoke or being able to come to the shop is able to have the equivalent coffee in bulk, rather than bags.

* If needed, we will ship the bundle at the winner's expense. 

We have chosen World Central Kitchen because of the essential work they are currently doing within the Gaza strip, across the Middle East and many other parts of the world. Currently, in regards to Gaza, they are sending shipment of food from Egypt, The Rafah crossing & occasionally Jordan. They currently have up to 70 kitchens operating at any one time. WCK are vital in supplying so many in need and are working hard to combat the famine occurring across Gaza. 

Words on Gaza, from WCK: 

'' In Gaza, there is a critical humanitarian crisis facing families across the territory. Relentless shelling and a ground offensive have killed tens of thousands of civilians and forced more than a million Palestinians from their homes. The conflict has exacerbated an already dire humanitarian crisis caused by a years-long blockade. People are struggling to access water, food, and the means to cook for their families. Despite restrictions on humanitarian aid entering the territory, our teams have provided meals by land, sea, and air. We established field kitchens in Rafah and Deir al-Balah, where we also opened a center to support families fleeing from the north. WCK created a network of Palestinian-led community kitchens across Gaza.''

Update June 3rd:

''Our network of community kitchens has grown to more than 70. However, as attacks in Rafah escalated, many kitchens inside evacuation zones were forced to pause. WCK has set up a tent site to house our workers who were displaced from our Rafah kitchen and community kitchens. Every day, more and more of our team members are forced to move there with their families. Still, 65 of our community kitchens are able to operate. Staff at these kitchens cook day in and day out, ensuring that the people who rely on our meals will get them. There is no area in Gaza that is safe, and the Palestinians cooking in our kitchens know that. Yet they continue to show up for one another, creating nourishing meals for people in need.''




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