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RWANDA - Cyshero Hill - Akagera

RWANDA - Cyshero Hill - Akagera

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Blood orange, Chambord, Toffee 

ROASTED FOR: Filter & Espresso & Press
  Rwanda, West. - Bushekeri, Nyamasheke District
PROCESS:  Natural 
VARIETY:  Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE:  1535-1900 Masl
COFFEE CO:  @Bahocoffee

Cyeshero Hill is a lot of coffee processed at Akagera washing station in Rwanda. This lot is made up of 7 growers with an average farm size of 0.95 hectares, growing multiple type of crops. These farmers receive 50% more than the national farmgate price for their cherry. Rwandese owned - Baho Coffee Co - who own the station, provide education, tools, pesticides & fertilizers. These coffees are processed with great care by floating them in water to remove less dense cherries. They are then fermented for 12 hours before drying very slowly for 3 days, allowing time to visually sort imperfections. The coffee is moved to raised beds, where it's turned every 30 minutes to evenly dry & to ensure an incredibly clean, pronounced profile.

Check out  ; BAHO COFFEE  Home - Baho Coffee to get more familiar with Rwandese grown coffees 


If you are curious and would like to know more about their incredible hard work in improving the coffee industry as a whole, and working on sustainable relationships at origin. 

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